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Results-driven skin treatments in a relaxing spa environment. All facial treatments are fully customized based on specific skin concerns, and begin with a thorough consultation and skin analysis to determine a treatment plan and goals. Skin is then double cleansed with steam and sonic technology, and exfoliated to remove dull, dead skin and reveal a brighter, healthier complexion. Extractions are performed if needed, after thorough preparation to maximize results, and followed by high frequency to deliver calming oxygen to the skin.  Then, a deep treatment serum and masque are applied while you enjoy relaxing aromatherapy neck and shoulder massage. The treatment finishes with an LED light therapy session and products chosen to enhance and extend your results. Professional grade products and modalities are used and are always specialized to each individual’s skin and goals. Longer treatments allow more for time to focus on skin concerns and for relaxation. 

Signature (60 minutes) 
$105/Series of 3 $295

Deluxe (75 minutes) 
$120/Series of 3 $330

Luxury (90 minutes) 
$135/Series of 3 $365

Back Treatment 
Hydrating Back Treatment $65/Series of 3 $175 
This specialized treatment of the skin on the back begins with dry brushing to slough off dull, dead skin and promote circulation. Then the skin is deeply double cleansed and exfoliated to reveal fresher, healthier skin. A deep treatment serum and masque are applied to infuse hydration, and finished with products to lock in moisture and LED light therapy. 

Clarifying Back Treatment  $85/Series of 3 $225 
Designed for those who experience breakouts and congestion on the back, this treatment deeply double cleanses, exfoliates, and clarifies with thorough extractions and an invigorating clay masque, then finished with products to fight breakout causing bacteria and LED light therapy to calm inflammation. 

Dermatological Pro Power Peel:  
(90 minutes) 
$150/Series of 3 $395 
This advanced treatment delivers targeted results for a wide range of skin concerns including acne, anti-aging, brightening, and overall rejuvenation. Skin is gently cleansed and prepped for the chemical peel, which is fully customized to your skin concerns and tolerance level. Then, a calming and hydrating masque is applied while you enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. The treatment is finished with a session of LED light therapy and calming serums to aid in skin recovery. Includes post treatment kit with all products needed for recovery process. *Please note that the Pro Power Peel is only available to returning clients whose skin has been assessed to determine tolerance.

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