Specialized treatments for clients with multiple skin concerns. Each treatment begins with a consultation with your Skin Therapist to discuss your skin challenges and goals in depth, followed by a detailed FaceMapping skin analysis to identify your unique treatment plan. From start to finish, each step of the treatment is tailored to your skin’s individual needs. All customized facials end with a closing consultation to discuss a home care regimen and how to maximize the progress toward achieving your skin goals. 

Signature Facial Treatment 

60 Minutes 

Includes double cleanse with steam, professional exfoliation, extractions (as needed), massage, deep treatment masque with customized serums, and finishing products.

$105     Series of 3: $275 ($315 value) 

Luxury Facial Treatment 

90 Minutes

The most relaxing and most effective facial treatment, this luxurious treatment follows the same format as the 60 minute treatment, with more time allowed for both your skin concerns and deep relaxation.

$135     Series of 3: $350 ($405 value) 

Express Facial Treatment 

30 Minutes 

(Returning clients only) 

For busy clients with targeted concerns, this treatment includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, deep treatment masque, and finishing products. Perfect for maintenance in between longer treatments. 

$65      Series of 3: $175 ($195 value) 

Targeted Treatments:

These treatments are designed to effectively tackle a specific skin concern that the client would like to focus on. 


Acne Clearing Facial 

60 Minutes 

Treat congested and acne prone skin with this specialized treatment designed to banish breakouts. Includes purifying double cleanse with steam, exfoliation, extractions, pore refining clay masque, and finishing products from the Dermalogica Active Clearing line. 

$95     Series of 3 $250 ($285 value) 


Anti-Aging Facial 

75 Minutes

Reverse the signs of aging with this treatment designed to lift and rejuvenate skin. Includes revitalizing double cleanse with steam, powerful professional level exfoliation, circulation stimulating massage, smoothing and firming contour masque, and finishing products from the Dermalogica AGE Smart line. 

$120     Series of 3: $325 ($360 value) 


Calming Facial 

60 Minutes

A calming and cooling treatment to relieve sensitized skin from redness, heat and inflammation. Perfect for skin that has been irritated by sunburn, rosacea, aggressive exfoliation, etc. Includes gentle double cleanse, soothing massage, oatmeal masque, cool towels, finishing products from the Dermalogica UltraCalming line, and cold rolling. 

$95     Series of 3: $250 ($285 value) 

Hydrating Facial 

60 Minutes 

A refreshing drink of water for stressed and dehydrated skin. Includes hydrating double cleanse with stream, gentle exfoliation, smoothing massage, plumping and moisturizing gel masque, and finishing products from the Dermalogica Daily Skin Health line. 

$95       Series of 3: $250 ($285 value) 


Brightening Facial 

60 Minutes 

Lighten and brighten pigmentation and dull complexion with this targeted treatment. Includes brightening double cleanse with steam, powerful professional level exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage, antioxidant-rich masque, and finishing products from the Dermalogica PowerBright line. 

$95       Series of 3: $250 ($285 value) 


Back Treatment 

45 minutes 

Treat hard to reach breakouts and slough away dulling dead skin cells to reveal smooth, healthy skin. Enjoy relaxing steam while your back is cleansed, exfoliated, and extracted. Finished up with a soothing masque and moisturizer for glowing skin. 

$65        Series of 3: $175 ($195 value) 

Add ons: $15

Additional 10 minutes massage:  for clients who want to maximize their relaxation time, additional time for massage is the perfect way to destress. 


Additional 10 minutes extractions: for clients especially concerned with congested skin, this 10 minutes of additional time for extractions can be added on to any treatment for a deep, thorough pore cleaning. 


Specialized anti-aging contour masque: A calming and firming algae masque that enhances deep treatment. 


Lip treatment: Lip scrub, intensive hydrating masque, and finishing balm for a plumped pout. 


Eye treatment: Cooling masque to brighten and de-puff the delicate eye area, followed by massage with cooling wands to increase circulation, and eye cream. 



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